Quantum Loop

The Quantum family of vehicle detection and classification solutions starts with an enhanced ‘in pavement’ inductive loop solution for accurate single, dual-tyre and super-wide axle detection.

≥99.96 detection and up to 99.9% axle classification

Quantum LOOP Features

Quantum LOOP Installations

Turkey – 309 MLFF production lanes – larges configuration 5 running lanes, one shoulder

SRTA – 96 Express Lanes

ISTHA – 78 MLFF or IPO single lanes – largest configuration 5 running lanes with twoshoulders

Northwest Parkway – WIM and ORT test site

E-470 Plaza B – two 3+1 multi-lane free-flow sites

Quantum LOOP Projects Underway

HPTE – 6 Express Lanes with 120 lanes starting in 2022

E-470 – 8 MLFF with 107 lanes lanes starting in 2022

OTIC – 296 lanes to be installed starting in 2022

CTRMA – project awarded, start date expected in 2023

Turkey – 6 additional multi lane free flow sites for 2022 WIM evaluation site for 2022

Quantum LOOP downloads

Quantum Loop