Quantum Hybrid

Quantum HYBRID combines multiple sensor technologies (loops, piezos, LiDAR) affording system designers greater flexibility in meeting customer specifications. The first hybrid installation was completed in 2021 on the Ohio Turnpike.

Quantum HYBRID provides a safe migration path from axle based classification to overhead shape based classification systems with fully quantifiable revenue risk.

≥99.96 detection and up to 99.8% axle classification for a LiDAR/piezo hybrid solution

Shape based classification accuracy depends on class table requirements

Quantum HYBRID Features

Supported lane types

Quantum Hybrid

Common Features

Quantum HYBRID projects underway

OTIC – 296 lanes to be installed starting in 2022

OTIC is a loop based system, but uses LiDAR for roof and maximum height and as a backup system should the loops enter a degraded state.