The team behind Quantum have been designing, developing and installing Automatic Vehicle Detection and Classification (AVDC) systems around the world since 1996. Quantum is a second generation AVDC solution designed as a comprehensive multi-sensor integration platform.

At the heart of a fully integrated AVDC solution sits Quantum, connecting the detection, classification, customer identification and enforcement sensors into a single unified system.

Our detection and classification solutions serve integration partners who use Red Fox ID technology in large-scale ITS projects including electronic toll collection, open road tolling, express toll lanes and advanced custom detection and classification solutions. With more than 1260 lanes committed, Quantum is a field proven, reliable and flexible AVDC solution.

About Us

One AVDC solution, multiple sensing options, greater design flexibility, lower risk to market.

With a view toward the long-term success of its customers, Red Fox ID supplies operationally-proven solutions and works closely with system integrators and road operators to ensure that they extract the maximum value from their intelligent transport system.

A single product processing data from loops, LiDAR’s and piezos allows system designers greater flexibility in meeting their design goals than ever before. Integrating sensors in this way increases the overall effectiveness and accuracy of the whole system. Plate capture rate is increased to that of the AVDC detection rate, tag correlation to vehicle is more accurate resulting in fewer customer complaints, vehicle tracking through the zone is improved resulting in greater accuracy, resilience to sensor failure is enhanced. Quantum bases its decisions using all of the data that is available allowing a new generation of flexible, resilient systems to be designed resulting in increased toll yield to agencies and road operators.

Accuracy & Performance

Detection accuracy1 



Axle classification accuracy1 



Dual tyre detection accuracy 



Shape classification accuracy2 









Accuracies apply to stop&go, tailgating and free flow traffic and all weather conditions.

1 all vehicle types, including motorcycles

2for a typical 5 class simple shape table (m/c’s, car, van/pickup, truck, semi-trailer)

building a better future!

Quantum is a sensor integration and classification platform: one product, multiple sensing options, flexible classification by configuration.

Quantum LiDAR

The addition of advanced solid state LiDAR to the family of sensors supported by Quantum allows system integrators to prepare profile base fully overhead detection and classification tolling solutions.

Quantum Loop

The Quantum family of vehicle detection and classification solutions starts with an enhanced ‘in pavement’ inductive loop solution for accurate single, dual-tyre and super-wide axle detection.

Quantum Hybrid

Quantum HYBRID combines multiple sensor technologies (loops, piezos, LiDAR) affording system designers greater flexibility in meeting customer specifications. The first hybrid installation was completed in 2021 on the Ohio Turnpike.