Vehicle detection accuracy

in all traffic and weather conditions from below ground or above ground solution.

the power behind vehicle classification

innovative software technology

Red Fox’s innovative software technology has been proven to deliver greater accuracy and reliability from below ground, above ground or hybrid solutions time and time again. 


For over 20 years, systems integrators, toll authorities and roadway operators looking to maximise revenue from their vehicle detection and classification system have trusted the team behind Quantum to deliver greater accuracy, reliability and flexibility to meet today’s requirements.



lanes and counting

building a better future!

Quantum is a sensor integration and classification platform: one product, multiple sensing options, flexible classification by configuration.

Quantum LiDAR

The addition of advanced solid state LiDAR to the family of sensors supported by Quantum allows system integrators to prepare profile base fully overhead detection and classification tolling solutions.

Quantum Loop

The Quantum family of vehicle detection and classification solutions starts with an enhanced ‘in pavement’ inductive loop solution for accurate single, dual-tyre and super-wide axle detection.

Quantum Hybrid

Quantum HYBRID combines multiple sensor technologies (loops, piezos, LiDAR) affording system designers greater flexibility in meeting customer specifications. The first hybrid installation was completed in 2021 on the Ohio Turnpike.